6 Tips for Building Business Exteriors that Impress


The exterior of your business is more than just a fa├žade; it’s the first impression you give to potential clients, employees, and visitors.

It should embody your brand’s image and values while also being visually appealing and functional. With that in mind, here are six tips to help you create business exteriors that truly impress.

Choosing the Right Materials

The materials you choose can dramatically alter the look and feel of your exterior. Select durable materials that can withstand the elements and continue looking good with age. For example, consider a concrete patio installation edina mn.

Not only is concrete incredibly durable, but it’s also versatile in terms of visual appeal. It can be stained, stamped, or polished to achieve different looks, allowing you to align the design with your brand’s aesthetic.

Importance of Landscaping

Never underestimate the impact of a beautifully landscaped exterior. Green spaces, when well-maintained, significantly enhance curb appeal and can even increase property value. Consider incorporating a mix of plants of varying sizes, textures, and colors for visual interest.

Outdoor features such as fountains, sculptures, or benches can also add an element of surprise and sophistication to your outdoor spaces.

Focus on Accessibility

A welcoming exterior is an accessible one. Ensure that your business exterior is easy to navigate for all visitors, including those with disabilities. Incorporate ramps and handrails where necessary, and ensure that signage is clear and easily visible.

An accessible exterior shows that you care about all your customers and their comfort. Keep in mind that accessibility is not just about physical limitations but also includes accommodating those with sensory impairments.

This can include providing audio descriptions for visually impaired individuals or implementing a color-contrast scheme for those with color blindness.

Incorporate Framing

Commercial framing includes architectural elements that can enhance the professional appearance of your exterior. This could be an awning over your entrance, canopies over outdoor seating areas, or attractive glass features that allow natural light into your business space.

These elements add a layer of sophistication and can make your establishment stand out. Additionally, commercial framing rochester ny can also serve as a functional element. For example, an awning or canopy can provide shelter from the elements for your customers while they wait outside.

Incorporating Brand Elements in Exterior Design

Your exterior should reflect your brand’s identity. This can be achieved by incorporating your brand colors, logo, and other design elements into the exterior.

Consider the color of your signage, the style of your outdoor furniture, or even the design of your entryway. These elements can create a cohesive visual experience that makes your brand instantly recognizable.

Getting Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the attractiveness and functionality of your business exterior. This includes regular cleaning, timely repairs, and seasonal upkeep such as snow removal or leaf cleaning.

A well-maintained exterior shows that you take pride in your business and pay attention to details, traits that potential clients will appreciate.

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