How to Cover Up the Weed Smell When Smoking Marijuana


Cannabis users may still have a variety of reasons for wanting to mask the scent of weed after smoking, even if the majority of states have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes.

Terpenes, which are found in marijuana plants and are responsible for the smells that marijuana emits, are highly potent in some cannabis strains. You name it, this potent odor can contaminate your clothing, furnishings, and carpets. When unexpected visitors arrive or when their parents, neighbors, or landlords disapprove of their usage of marijuana recreationally, marijuana users may seek to cover up the smell of their drug use in a certain space.

Here are some fast ideas on how to avoid smelling like marijuana before, during, and after smoking — or how to prevent the smell completely — whatever the reason for trying to cover up the alluring perfume of cannabis. When you want to smoke pot discreetly, use one or more of these strategies; experiment to determine which one masks the smell of your preferred sticky strain the best.

Before, during, and after smoking marijuana, cover up the weed’s odor.

If you need to cover up the smell of your smoking session, use a handful of these tricks.

  1. Does Incense Remove the Smell of Marijuana? Yes; if you don’t want to make it too clear that you’re trying to mask the smell of marijuana, use a natural scent. Before smoking, light some incense to keep the marijuana smell from dominating the room. Bonus: if there is still cannabis smoke in the air, incense smoke might conceal it.
  2. Are There Candles That Remove the Smell of Weed? While still emitting a pleasant aroma that will mask the smell of marijuana, scented candles will make less of a mess than incense.
  3. To Get Rid of the Weed Smell, Use Essential Oils. A popular oil that isn’t particularly potent or overbearing but yet manages to mask the scent of marijuana is patchouli. Lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint are additional excellent options.
  4. What Air Freshener Kills Weed Smells the Best? Spray air fresheners can be used to temporarily cover up the odor of marijuana while plug-in air fresheners emit fragrant scents throughout the day. You probably already have odor-eliminating products like Febreeze around the house. To get rid of the weed smell in your home, try both types of air fresheners and discover which one works best.
  5. Can Lysol Remove Weed Smells? Since marijuana smoke can stay on a variety of surfaces, Lysol and other cleaning chemicals will aid in eliminating the weed scent from any surface.
  6. Does Carpet Cleaning Cut Down on Cannabis Smell? Yes, scents that have soaked into the carpet will be eliminated. Additionally, rather than only masking the smell of weed momentarily, you can spend money on a carpet shampoo that can aid in getting rid of the odor in your home.
  7. To combat the weed odor, use Ozium Spray. To get rid of residual marijuana smoke, make an investment in a smoke eliminator. Ozium is a fantastic option for traveling because it is available in a wide range of sizes.
  8. Prepare a strong-smelling dish: Foods with strong flavors, such as those with garlic, spices, or onions, can cover up the smell of weed. Throwing a bag of microwave popcorn in for a little too long in the microwave will work if you don’t have time to prepare. Remember that it can take days to completely get rid of the smell of burnt popcorn.
  9. Keep the odor of marijuana out of the restroom. Switch on the bathroom fan after turning on the shower and allowing the water to heat up to a point where it produces steam. This will hasten the evaporation of marijuana smoke. If you are staying in a non-smoking hotel room, you should also apply this approach.
  10. Activate fans and open windows. If you have portable fans, such as box or standing fans, you can point them out the window to help the space where you were hoisted get some fresh air.
  11. To cover up the smell of marijuana, boil vinegar. To make a place smell less like marijuana, pour some into a shallow dish and let it evaporate in a well-ventilated location.
  12. Remove it from the house. Take out the garbage and empty any ashtrays that have been used. It will take longer for the smell to go away if you leave the marijuana lying around.
  13. Build Your Own DIY Sploof. When you exhale your marijuana smoke, a sploof filters it using common household items. You can quickly make one if you have a dryer sheet, a rubber band, a washcloth, a paper towel, or toilet paper on hand.
  14. Maintain good personal hygiene. Keep in mind that smoking marijuana can cause your breath to smell like the drug. After smoking marijuana, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, breath strips, or chew gum with a mint flavor. Additionally, if you have the time, take a shower because pot smoke can get into your skin and hair.
  15. Can body spray be used to mask weed odor? If you can’t change your clothes, use a small amount of body spray, cologne, or perfume as a temporary solution. Your clothes may smell like marijuana, but a pleasant scent can cover it up.
  16. Cannabis Storage Without a Smell. Consider an airtight sealed container when determining what to put marijuana in to make it smell less. Marijuana can be stored in items like vacuum-sealed bags, Ziploc bags, mason jars, or Rubbermaid containers while preventing odors from escaping.
  17. Do Vape Pens Have a Cannabis Aroma? Vaping cannabis oil or dried herbs doesn’t produce much smoke, and the smell is far milder than smoking weed.
  18. Do Edibles Have a Weed Smoke Aroma? To make homemade snacks, mix marijuana with butter; alternatively, buy edibles from dispensaries. Since edible marijuana does not emit smoke, there is no bad smell connected to it.
  19. Marijuana Indica strains are smoked. A marijuana strain called indica doesn’t smell as terrible as other others. Indica strains often have milder aromas when smoked since they flower with fewer buds. Granddaddy Purple, Northern Lights, and Rockstar are a few indica varieties.
  20. Do Cannabis Pipes Have a Smell? Compared to a bong or a joint, a pipe creates less smoke from the marijuana.
  21. Does Vaping Weed Have the Same Smell as Smoking It? The strongest marijuana smells are vaporized when using this gadget, which helps to mask marijuana odors right away.
  22. One-Hits Smell Proof or not? You can smoke marijuana using this reusable cigarette substitute without the strong scent that some other items have.
  23. Does the Weed Smell Go Away With a Carbon Filter? A carbon filter helps minimize the smell if marijuana is grown inside the home.
  24. Can Air Purifiers Reduce the Smell of Marijuana? For your home, make an investment in a good air purifier or filter. Any odor of marijuana in your home can be neutralized and removed by a high-quality air purifying system.
  25. Do Cannabis Odor Absorbing Gels Work? Place these all over the space where you are smoking. They ought to assist in reducing marijuana smoke production and ultimately mask the pot odor.
  26. Implement a smoke neutralizer. Many shops offer marijuana smoke-related products that can be used to get rid of or prevent marijuana odors.
  27. Smoke outside if it’s permitted. Smoking marijuana outside of your home is the simplest method to keep your home odor-free. It’s safer to smoke indoors since most states that have legalized marijuana still forbid it from being used in public places and the outdoors.

While not all-inclusive, this list will give you a good sense of where to begin when trying to cover up the scent of your fire. The next time you want to get going on the DL, keep these suggestions in mind. Do you know how to remove the scent of marijuana from a space? Please share your top-secret cures with us in the comments.

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