How to Smoke Weed Correctly


How to Smoke Weed Correctly: Obey the Weed Laws

Let’s go right into the action, shall we? This section is dedicated to good marijuana manners. Consider these suggestions before attending your next social event.

Take Your Own Marijuana

You are expected to contribute if you are invited to a marijuana party. You should bring either some food or your own stockpile, preferably of a different strain.

Share Your Own Produce With Everyone If You Grow It

It would be polite to share your supply with others if you grow it yourself. This will be the ultimate test of your ability to trim and cure as well as your green thumb.

If You’ve Got the Technique Down, Roll

You can offer to help if you know how to roll a good joint. But be sure you’re able to perform the task well. Even though we all start somewhere, it is unnecessary to waste others’ time, weed, and paper. If you’re poor at it, let the experts handle it.

You need the best tools in order to have the best experience. It all comes with the package, from premium rolling papers to a well-functioning lighter. Avoid humiliating yourself by using inferior materials, especially when it comes to paper.

Know Your Rights As A Roller

You are given the honor of lighting the first match if you made the effort to roll a perfect joint. Since the dawn of time, people have observed these regulations when using marijuana. To break them would be sinful.

Pass, Pass, Pass

It should be clear what it means from the title alone. It is termed “puff, puff, pass” for a reason. Before passing it on to the following person, you can only receive two hits. Don’t hoard the smoke.

Keep your saliva in its proper place.

Swapping saliva with others is another aspect of passing a joint. Nevertheless, exercise common courtesy by minimizing moisture levels. Not only does it compromise the filter’s integrity, but it’s also disgusting.

Before it finishes, begin rolling a new joint.

Be attentive if you want to keep the flow continuing all night. Prepare yourself to roll a new one as soon as you notice the joint getting smaller and smaller.

Avoid Ash Spills

Be careful not to spill any ash to reduce your cleanup time. To contain the ash without creating a mess, keep an ashtray or at the very least a garbage can close by.

Pass it the Right Way.

You should always pass a joint with the filter side towards the person after you. They can get it more easily as a result. Avoid passing it with the illuminated side facing front.

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